Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We heard a rumor that people like low miles

Have we gone a bit overboard with it? I read online that the best buys are "new-used," cars that may have had an owner, but are super low mileage and effectively brand new. Well, have we got something for those of you that want the lowest number possible on the odometer.

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In the family sedan arena, we have a 2007 Honda Accord with just 5,500 miles on it! It's an LX model, power options and automatic transmission and pretty much the nicest Honda you can get without paying through the nose at a new car store.

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For those of you who demand a luxury SUV, we also have this 2009 Volvo XC90 fully loaded with factory navigation and third row seating and just 5,600 miles on it.

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Of course, there's always an economy car fan in the crowd, so how about a 2009 Hyundai Elantra with under 1,500 miles??? You should get more than 30 miles to the gallon from this compact sedan, and it's got power options, a CD player and AC, which is more than you can say for most economy cars.

Of course, these aren't our only new inventory, so head on over to and see what we've got! Don't be bashful about calling us at 508-230-5885 anytime you want to know more about our inventory, if you want to schedule a service appointment, or if you want to leave a deposit to reserve any one of our fine pre-owned vehicles.

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